A Survey of the Final Year University Students

I don't know what should be the title of this blog post, but let's call it "A survey of the final year university students". Pretty long title, huh?
Okay, let me tell you about this survey... The story behind this thing: Well, one day I thought about writing a post on Facebook to ask people about their sentiments and reviews regarding the final year of university life, then another thought knocked my head to write a full blog post on this topic. Then I disseminated a google form for this purpose. The google form was saying: "Hello, final semester people! I thought to collect reviews of 2020 graduates specifically of NUST and other IT universities. I am planning to add these to my blog post. Please take a few seconds to fill this form, thank you." So that was a brief story behind this whole thing, Now let's have a look at the most awaited questions and the corresponding responses... 
Question#1: Do you feel like a better human being now, in your final semester a…

7 Semesters Learning Experience : Do's and Don'ts

Here is what I learned in my 7 semesters of Undergraduate degree semester wise, by learning I mean those things that I think we should do in the particular phase of our university education. You might agree or disagree with these things, or you may add yours to it. so without further ado, let's get started: 1st SemesterDon't get into inferiority or superiority complex at any levelPractice a lotFocus on basicsDon't jump to the last stepTake baby stepsTry to do best in Projects Observe your surroundingsKeen look over market trendsHave an online presence e.g. LinkedIn etc.2nd SemesterPractice at a higher level e.g. on real-world projectsknow market trends3rd SemesterBuild your ResumeHave an internship4th SemesterInternships Explore different places5th SemesterFreelancing6th SemesterFreelancingTake responsibility for some of your expenses like daily small expenses7th SemesterGet a JobFocus on the Final Year Project 8th SemesterMake your Final Year Project into a selling ProductC…

Five People to Follow on Social Media

How many times you used to scroll Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms? You always want to make your scrolling productive but after 2-3 hours you realize that you have wasted tons of your precious time.  so, if you want to make the best use of your social media time, then you can follow the following people, their posts are meant to give some worthy information. let's get started: Hisham Sarwar Follow Hisham Sarwar for freelancing related information.Zeeshan Ul Hassan Usmani Follow Zeeshan Ul Hassan Usmani for data science, artificial intelligence and, block-chain related stuff.Aman Dhattarwal Follow Aman Dhattarwal for study and placement tips and tricks.Sandeep Maheshwari Follow Sandeep Maheshwari for business strategies and motivational content.Qasim Ali Shah Follow Qasim Ali Shah for study motivation as well as life lessons.Enjoy!

Web Scraping : Urdu News

Web scraping is an amazing method to collect data. Many data scientist use this method. I have scrape Urdu news. Urdu is difficult to scrape but thanks to Python and its libraries. Have a look at the code and outputs below:

Good Pieces of Advice for Freshers

To let you know a few useful things, I asked some experienced people, and here is what they have for you... Be open to changes. Focus on improving your soft / people skills.It will be hard sometimes but believe in yourself. You have got it. (Rahat-Undergraduate) Try to do good in quizzes and OHTs (One hour test or mids) cause when finals don't go well, these can help in getting good gpa which are comparatively easy then finals. (Ayesha Munir-Undergraduate) A few years later when you would look back at this time, GPA won't make you happy, but the memories of these 4 years will. Your career is important but so is having a good time. So work hard, party harder! (Haris-Undergraduate)From the start try to build your connections with seniors because they know more than you and.. are best counselors.. Focus on your quizzes and assignments because they are the building blocks of your Grade.. Your Good Image play some important part for favoritism points in exam... Never waste your summ…

You-tube channels for Freshers


5+ useful mobile applications for freshmen

Make your mobile phones useful! But how?  Here's how... In this blog post, we will have a look at 5+ useful mobile applications. These applications are generally useful for everyone, but freshmen could better use them as they have got plenty of free time, so let's get started... 5+ Mobile Applications1. MediumThis application could be used to read plenty of articles related to a plethora of different topics. Really cool application. 2. FacebookWhaaaaaaaaaat, are you serious?  Wait, wait! Facebook could be useful. Let me explain it to you. Go to Facebook and in the search bar type the name of your subjects, for example, Artificial Intelligence, you will get the groups and pages related to Artificial Intelligence, you may like these pages and you may join the group. After that in your Facebook feed, you will get the updates regarding Artificial Intelligence. In this way, you will remain update regarding your domain. Got it! 3. SololearnThis application is specifically designed to teac…

Why to get straight A's in the freshman year ?

Now that you have seen how to get straight A's in the fresher year, you might be thinking; why to get straight A's specifically in the fresher year?  So here is the importance of getting straight A's: In most of the institutes, the fresher year consists of more credit hours than the coming years. So the first year has more stake in your CGPA than any other year. Good grades, in the beginning, will serve as a motivation for you to perform best in the future, this will increase your morale for improvement and progress.There could be many companies recruiting after the first semester, your better grades will make your way to these companies from the very start. This will allow you to shape your career and to assess your interests. These are some of the answers to "WHY?". There could be many others. Well, there is no known disadvantage of getting straight A's to my knowledge, so why not to get'em!

How to get straight A's in the Freshman Year?

For most of us, a new semester is right ahead. Especially freshers are just ready to kick off the first semester.  One of the most frequently asked questions by the freshers is, "How to score a 4.0 GPA?" or "How to get straight A's?" So, to let you know the answer to this million-dollar question, I asked a Topper. He is kind enough to share the top 10 tips to get straight A's... and without further ado, let's get started... 
10 TIPS Right From The Topper 1. Learn "How to Learn"Learning How to Learn is one of the most popular courses on Coursera:
This course will make you a more effective learner, allowing you to make the best use of your study time.
2. Learn to Read your TeacherObserve your teachers' teaching style. Do they give questions mostly from lecture slides?  Or do they have a favorite book? Do their questions mostly rely on rote-learning or are they conceptual? 
and Then,
3. AdaptGet…

Habits to adopt in the freshman year

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. ~Aristotle
Have you ever noticed? When you were a kid, your parents used to correct you all the time, whenever you did some mistake. Why did they do so? Because at that time you were growing at the conscience and the sub-conscience level. Your mind was setting some patterns at that time. And today, you are mostly acting out of those patterns. Your parents want great patterns for you, that's why they used to scold you at an early age. The patterns set at that time is what you repeatedly do and that is what we call, "the habit". 
Similarly, when you are a fresher you could adopt certain habits that could make or break you in the long run. Every one of us wants to have constructive habits. so here are some habits that you could adopt as a fresher in order to function well in coming years...
Habits to Have1. GooglingSearch on google for difficult and different concepts. Make it your helper.  2. PerusingPe…