Version Control Tools: SVN

Someone once said: The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased. It can only be accepted. But then programming came into being and it stated that "you can change your past, but only the code past". Meaning; what you have coded earlier you can change, edit and improve it. And for that you need to have something like revision history, from where you can get the idea of what you have done (coded) in the past.  Questioning..So how would you keep the history of your code? Would you make several copies after doing each and every change? Or will you opt for "control/command + z"? Obviously you don't go for such an inefficient way of controlling the version/history of your code while working on some large project. Answering...
So here comes "version control systems". These systems/softwares are specially designed to help you in controlling the version of your project codes. They also enable you to share your code and collaborate with other programmer…

E-Commerce : Platforms

Before digging into E-commerce platforms, let's first understand what an E-commerce actually is? E-Commerce...According to the Tokenization Rule, E-commerce is the combination of "E" and "Commerce". The word Commerce means trade or buying and selling of items, goods, services, hardwares and, softwares... etc. And "E" stands for "Electronic", electronic means something like electricity, like signals, like something in the form of electrons(at lower level). 

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So, the word "E-COMMERCE" means:

"A type of trade, that is done using electronic devices (computer, mobile or ATM machines etc)."
And to achieve electronic commerce, what's the most important thing? think over it!  Yeah that's correct! your own Internet is the most important thing to do E-commerce. 
Major areas of E-commerce are: On-line shopping or retailingOn-line bidding or auctionOn-line software/hardware sellingOn-line service providersE-books tradeand…

Web Services : AWS (Amazon Web Services)

We have discussed the concept of cloud computing in the previous blog post.  If you want to host your website then you will buy a hosting and if you are not using cloud computing service then that web hosting service is a traditional web hosting service. But... If you are using cloud computing as you want; scalability, security, accessibility, availability and flexibility with less work done by yourself, then there comes AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS is the first (to my knowledge) cloud computing service provider. It is the daughter company of Amazon. Amazon.Inc was established almost 24 years ago by Mr. Jeffery Preston Bezos. And about 12 years ago, Amazon.Inc launched a web service naming Amazon Web Services or AWS.  AWS provides a cloud server and you can do a lot of things using that cloud. Main services/products provided by AWS are:  AnalyticsApplication IntegrationAR and VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality)Cost ManagementBlock ChainBusiness ApplicationsComputeCustomer Engagemen…

Cloud Computing

You might have heard of the famous proverb: "Necessity is the mother of invention." Let's tokenize this proverb, as a wise-man said:"Tokenization makes things easy to understand." So first thing is Necessity...Once upon a time, there was  a large company who wanted to create a website for e-commerce. The website was for 24/7 and large amount of data needed to be managed and maintained. For this the management team of the company decided to launch their website onto the server. Initially the website got Launched successfully, but one day in the fine morning the CEO woke up from his/her slumber and got the Phone call from the manager. The manager told the CEO that their site was down last night due to heavy traffic on the server. CEO called an emergency meeting, in the meeting, the company decided to buy more servers as their data as well as the users were increasing. So in order to deal with  the large amount of data and heavy traffic, they need more servers. So th…

Elasticsearch and Redis : NoSql

The colorful bubble logo is of Elasticsearch, while the redish logo is of Redis. First let's talk about Elastic search..Elasticsearch is an open source search engine. Now, what is a search engine? Search engine is basically a website, for example:,, bing and MSN. What we look as Google chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer is basically a Web browser. Let's say we type "" in a web browser's address bar, then the web browser will take us directly to the website "". As for search engine, if we type in its search bar, "", then it will open up different links according to the search algorithm. So Elasticsearch is like a search engine. But it is different from traditional search engines. Like in most of the search engines, tables are used to store data, while elasticsearch is no schema based search engine. In place of tables, JSON documents are used in Elasticsearch. It is based upon Lucen…

You-Tube Channel

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Mobile Application Review : National Highway And Motorway Police Hamsafar

National Highway and Motorway Police of Pakistan has launched a mobile application, this year (2019). This application; named as NHMP Hamsafar, aims at providing full assistance to the drivers on their way to their destinations. It has many useful features.  Let's have a brief look at all of them...

First you have to download it from Google Play Store.Then you can access this application by login into it.For Login you only need to enter any name (even abc) but you should enter a valid Phone number (xxxx-xxxxxxx).After this you will land on the main page.There is a side bar for easy navigation.Here you can view and use different options like travel advisory, complaint history, report problem, emergency call, live radio and log out.So overall it is a useful application.But it needs some improvements mainly; user authentication.It is only an android application, cross platform is yet to be build.You can watch the video on NHMP Hamsafar at Mainly: The Software Engineering You Tube Chann…